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Anyone who has played at or visited an online casino will invariably notice that bonuses are usually being offered. Many players will not even play any casino games at an online casino unless they offer some form of bonus.

When looking at casino bonuses be aware that there are rules that will apply and these rules are not the same for each type of bonus. It is important that before you play you have a fully understanding of the bonus and the rules that governs it.

You do not want to join up with an online casino and deposit money to play and receive your bonus, only to be told that the amount of funds you deposited did not meet the minimum requirement for that bonus to be issued. Also you may find that cashing out what you have won is not as easy as you might think.

Most online casinos will usually offer one or a combination of three kinds of bonuses.


Free Cash bonus

These kinds of bonuses are easy to understand. You simply join the casino and you are allowed to place free bets not exceeding the value of the bonus given. The catch here however is that you will not be allowed to cash in your winnings until you have made a deposit to your account at the casino not less than a set amount stipulated by the casino.

Some casinos will allow you to cash out their casino gratis bonuses; but the maximum amount that you are allowed to make is usually $50 or less. The general purpose of these free bonuses is usually to allow you to test the casino's software and games while making real bets. The free bonus is not the best way to try to make money at a casino.

Sometimes what you are asked to deposit is many times more than what the value of the bonus is. The odds are that you may possibly win actual cash using the free bonus money. Be careful however as these normally come with some very restrictive wagering requirements which makes it difficult for you to cash in.

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First deposit bonus

This type of bonus is usually offered in one of two forms, either straight cash or as a percentage. The wager you need to make before you are able to have access to or use the bonus is determined by the casino. Be sure that you know what wager amount you need to make before you sign up.

These are often called welcome bonuses, because these bonuses are often the best are are used to entice a gambler to play at their online casino over the hundreds of others.

Do be careful to read the terms and conditions before you agree to any bonus that you think looks good. Some of the bonuses are only meant for online slots. So if that isn't what you want to play, don't take that bonus.

Re-deposit bonus

This is offered on an on-going basis and is available each time a player re-deposits money at the casino. This is really a way for an online casino to induce players to keep on coming back and playing.

Think of this as every other bonus that a casino will give you after you have already deposited for the first time. Most casinos have some kind of reload bonus. This isn't always as good as the welcome bonus, but they are specifically designed for the players that have already been established at a casino and the casino will do a lot to make sure you keep playing there.

Some casino will tie this kind of bonus in with the level of loyalty points a player has. Other online casino will require that you place bet in multiples of the initial deposit before you qualify to cash out.

Preferred Payment system

This bonus is given when player use a preferred payment system to deposit funds into their casino accounts. This is usually done via one of the following methods: Credit and Debit Cards, NETeller, eWalletXpress, Click2Pay, as well as many others.