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blackjack-bonusThere is nothing like a free online casino blackjack bonus to help you out on your way to learning the game of 21.

Bonuses are also great for experienced players, and pros might end up winning something for nothing!

Why settle for a matching bonus, when you can get a free no deposit blackjack bonus.

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Playing Blackjack

Here is some history on the game in case you are a first timer. Blackjack is sometimes referred to as twenty-one, Pontoon or Vingt-et-un (French for Twenty-one), and more people play this game than any other online casino card game.

21-strategy-guide You are playing the dealer, or in this case the online casino, one on one, with the objective being to come closer than the dealer to 21 points without going over.

Each numbered card corresponds to the number of points the card is worth.  Face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) are worth 10 points and the Aces are worth either 1 or 11 points. 

If you go over 21 points, you lose the bet you placed, even if the dealer also goes over.

The dealer deals out two cards to each person playing.  The dealer flips up only one of his two cards, and this is where much of the strategy of online blackjack comes into play.

Each player has the option to Hit, or take another card to get closer to 21, or Stay, or to not take a card and not risk going over 21 to lose.

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online-blackjack-bonusesIn special cases, and depending on the online casino the rules may be slightly different, you can Double Down, or put down twice the bet you laid out for one extra card. 

Usually, this is done when your first two cards add up to 10 or 11 points.  If the two cards you receive are the same, as in two 9's, you can Split your card (you have to lay down an extra bet) and make them into two separate hands.  From there, you try to get one hand at a time as close to 21 as you can.

blackjack-player-bonusAfter every player takes their turn, the dealer flips over his second card.  If the dealer's cards add up to less the 16 points, the dealer must hit until he is over 16 points.

If his cards add up to 17 points or over, the dealer has to stay.  The exception with a lot of online blackjack casinos is called "soft 17" which is when the dealer has an ace and a 6.  In this case, the dealer must hit on soft 17.

 I think that online blackjack is so popular because of the element of skill it involves, and the fascination surrounding card counting. The game is sexy, fun and easy to learn, but not quite as easy to master.

What to Look For

blackjack-on-the-tableOnce you start looking, you should find it pretty easy to find free online casino blackjack bonuses. The trick is to find the right one for you, as free blackjack bonuses often sound better than what they are.

For instance, the online casino might say that they will give you a free 300% matching bonus up to $300. And while this is true, you will have to meet loads of terms and conditions before you will be able to make a withdrawal on this bonus.

You should look for an online casino you like and then see if they offer free blackjack bonuses, rather than the other way around. While everyone likes a freebie, the bonus might be depleted in a day, and then you will have to like playing at the online casino that you have chosen. 

online-multihand-blackjackWhat I would recommend is that you look for a reputable online casino that provides a high level of customer service, great free blackjack bonus, various deposit methods, and a secure environment.

It can sometimes be difficult to decide on an online casino to play blackjack with. It comes down to personal choice, you have to consider what is important to you.

Are you looking for a free blackjack bonus? Does the casino in questions accept players from your country? What graphics and settings appeal to you? Also, if blackjack is your game of choice, you should choose an online casino that specializes in online blackjack and offers free blackjack bonuses.

No Deposit Blackjack Bonuses

 A no deposit blackjack bonus is when an online casino offers you some free cash to try out their software. This is my favorite type of bonus, as you have no obligation to pay any money, and you don’t have to return to the online casino if you did not like their blackjack software, or if you felt that they don’t offer a secure playing environment. Some online casinos offer you free $10 to play with, whereas others gives you 60 minutes of free play.

The free bonuses for blackjack are becoming harder and harder to find though. Most casinos have now shifted their attention towards drawing in slot players with these bonuses and have stuck with regular bonuses if any for blackjack.