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Free Bingo Bonuses


 You will find a huge variety of online bingo sites providing loads of free bingo bonuses. Online bingo is tremendous fun and it is seen as less ‘dangerous’ and more social than other online casino games. Although it’s possible to win a lot of cash while playing bingo, most players prefer this game for its social aspect.

Some online casinos even offer free online bingo but these games usually don’t have the chat room function. The chat room is where all the fun and games happen. Making use of a free bingo bonus, however, allows you to play free bingo, while also getting to know your fellow bingo players in the chat room.

How Bingo Bonuses Work


How do you know that this Bingo Bonus is going to be good for you or just a way to lure you in and get some money out of you?

The sites you will find on this page have a lot of important things going for them such as credibility and lots of happy players that spend their time and hard earned money. There are a lot of things to consider if you are new to the online bingo community and several things to beware of when considering where to play or what bonus to take.

Bingo is a game which appeals to people of all ages. It’s an old game and thus almost everyone has played it, heard of it or read about it. This makes it easier to people to participate in whenever they see it being organized.

This popularity has increased many fold with the introduction of bingo on the internet, which happened about a decade ago. People from all over the world have taken to playing this game.

The advantage of playing it from home and at any time makes this game even more appealing. However, one more thing, which is the incredible bonus, offers that websites tend to give to the players, has its share in hiking the popularity of this game.

In an effort to out-do their competition, many online casinos offer bonuses not only on the initial deposit, but also on games and monthly basis.

Players can get loyalty bonuses or referral credits, which they can use for playing more games on the online casino. The bonus which can be gained on making a deposit in the online casino depends on the size of the deposit.

However, we should understand that such bonuses are offered by the casinos to lure us into playing the games. Thus, we need to know a few things before we hurry into signing-up the website.

The normal amount of the bonus that a player may get on the initial deposit on a casino is 25%-50%. However, up to 70% bonus on a deposit can be gained on a few online casinos.

A player should read the terms and conditions for the use of this bonus amount carefully before making the deposit. The normal conditions set by most casinos for this amount, limit the players to spend this amount only after they have spent their winnings and the basic deposit.

Also, after a pre set time limit this bonus expires and can no longer be used in any way by the player. Another thing to add here, is that the after getting the bonus, there is no way in which a player can withdraw the basic amount.

The most important thing to check before making deposits with online casinos is their reliability. A player can know about a casino’s reliability by:

  1. Looking for certifications by reputed authorities.
  2. Looking for recommendations by trusted review websites.
  3. Ask friends about their experiences.
  4. Talk to people in the chat rooms on the site while playing the free games.
  5. See if the bonus amounts are not too good to be true.

The last one is especially true. The general rule in life is that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. That goes double for anything on the internet. The golden rule of Bingo bonuses is to look at the terms and conditions. Some bingo sites have conditions that are nearly impossible to achieve and are only there to fool people into signing up because it looks like free money.

If you don’t take care of things such as the ones mentioned above, you can easily be fooled into wasting your money, by depositing it into a fraudulent website. It is very easy to make good-looking websites which the plethora of tools available in the market.

So, it is easier for people with illegal approach to make up a fake website and loot make a fool out of people. So, beware of such websites.

Overall, a player should look for the best offers and stay away from the fake ones, to make the most of Bingo Bonuses.

Types of Free Bingo Bonuses

 The first popular type of free bingo bonus is the new player sign up bonus. This type of free bingo bonus usually matches your cash deposit up to a set max, for example a hundred per cent match up to a hundred dollars. If this is the case, this free bingo bonus will give you two hundred bucks to play with. Take note that sign up bonus only apply to new players, and you will not be able to claim it more than once.

Signup free bingo bonuses vary in amount and percentage between bingo sites, but you will find that the main principle usually stays the same. Some online bingo halls offer special free bingo bonuses to celebrate certain times of the year and it is a good idea to look out for those. Once you find a bingo hall you like, visit it regularly to look for free bingo bonus updates.

 The second popular type of free bingo bonus is the Reload bonus. This type of free bingo bonus is usually offered to existing real money players. These free bingo bonuses are aimed at trying to get you to deposit more cash. These internet bingo bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, although they all tend to match your deposit up to a max set amount.

Some bingo online bingo halls offer you just one free bingo bonus per month, while others will go as far as awarding several free bingo bonuses. Online bingo halls give out these bonuses to reward you for your loyalty and to thank you for your clientele.

What to Look For

 The onus is on you to make sure that you apply for the correct free bingo bonus. You can’t just go into the deal and think that someone is offering you free money.

You should know by now that there is no such thing as a free lunch or a free bingo bonus. Yes it’s free, but it’s designed to lure you to the site, and to then make sure you deposit as much money as possible.

You won’t be able to withdraw your winnings before you spend a lot of time at the online bingo hall because you will have to meet their wagering requirements.