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Free Online Blackjack Game

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How to Play this Flash Blackjack Game

This game is a variation of the standard blackjack game with rules similar to those in Las Vegas casinos. The general rules that you need to know are that the dealer has to hit on soft 17 (17 with an Ace that means that the dealer can not bust) and you are allowed to double down on any two cards that you receive.

You will receive $999.00 in your balance to start the game. I'm pretty sure most people know the other general rules but just in case: Don't go over 21. Aces can be worth 1 or 11. Be aware of the dealer's up card. You can only split a pair and don't hit on hard 17 or higher.

flash blackjack screenshotBelow are the general instructions on playing this game:

  1. Select a chip size      
  2. Click on the square to place the selected chip
  3. You can place bets on up to three hands
  4. Click the Deal Button

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