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Free Online Red Dog Game

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How to Play Red Dog

  1. Select the chip denomination and place it in the Ante to bet (max bet $100)
  2. Press the Deal button to receive cards - two cards will be placed on the board
  3. The object is to bet that the third card will be between have a value between the two cards
  4. You can either Call or Raise twice the amount you bet
  5. You will push if the two cards are the same value or one value different (except for triplets)
  6. The bar at the top has the spread between the two cards and the payout for winning that spread


Red Dog is the casino version of a game that everybody should be familiar with, Acey Deucey or In-between. This is a very simple game to learn. The object of any of these games is to place a bet on whether the third card's rank will be in-between the other two cards.

In Red Dog poker, you don't get a choice whether or not to take the third card. You simply have to place another bet to raise if you are more confident about winning. The payouts for red dog are as follows: 1 card spread - 5 to 1; 2 card spread - 4 to 1; 3 card spread - 2 to 1 and all other spreads pay out 1 to 1.

If you get what is considered cons in red dog, you will tie. Cons is when the first two cards are of consecutive rank, like if you get a 7 and 8. A pair is also a tie in red dog, but a third card will be flopped. If the third card makes a three of a kind, you will get 11 to 1 on your bet.