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How to play Let It Ride

How to Play Let It Ride

  1. Select a bet amount - this will place that bet on all three bet spots
  2. You can either Press the Cancel button to redo you bet
  3. Press the Deal button when your ready to receive the cards
  4. You need a pair of 10's or better to win the first bet
  5. You must make the same decision after the fourth card is flipped
  6. If you do not have at least a pair of tens after the last card is flipped, you lose

Let it Ride is a unique poker game where you have to make three bets before the cards come out. You need a pair of tens or better to win your hand. The game is a like a combination of five card draw and Texas Holdem.

After you place your bets, the first three cards are shown. You must make a decision based on these cards whether to pull your second bet or let it ride and keep the second bet on the table.

The fourth card is flipped over. Again you must make a decision whether or not to pull your last bet on the table. If you have a good chance at making a hand, you should let it ride. If you are looking at not a large chance of winning, pull back your two bets and only lose a third of your total bet.

The drawback is that you won't get 10's or better that often in 5 card draw. The odds are about 1 in 5 hands or so. The reason that people like to play this game is because when you get a pair to start, you can automatically let it ride and win 3 times more than you would lose when you pull both bets back.

let it ride poker screenshot

You can see from this screenshot the paytable for getting certain hands. Although they may be unlikely, they really start to pay off when you get them. Each bet on the table there is doubled and a $15 bet won back $45.