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Free Online Caribbean Hold'em Game

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How to Play Caribbean Hold'em

Caribbean Hold'em is an online casino game that was created by Real Time Gaming and can only be found at casinos that use their software. This poker game is like a mixture between Texas Hold'em and Caribbean Stud.

You are playing against the dealer and both of you will be dealt two cards after you place a bet and ask for the deal. The flop will also be shown before you have to make a decision. As in Caribbean Stud, the dealer needs a minimum hand in order to qualify. In this game, the dealer must get a pair of 4's or higher in order to qualify for the hand.

Before we get into qualifying and the other rules, here is how to play:

  1. Click on a chip denomination to place it on the board
  2. Click on the chips on the board to remove bet
  3. Click on Progressive button to add or remove chip
  4. Click the Deal button to receive your cards
  5. Decide whether you want to Fold your hand or Raise and double your bet
  6. The last two cards will be flipped over
  7. The best Hold 'Em hand made between you and the dealer wins
  8. Progressive is paid on Flush or better (see rules in the upper left corner)

Caribbean Hold'em Rules

Dealer Qualifying - The reason you want the dealer to qualify is that you have to put an additional bet that is twice your starting bet in order to see the last two cards. If the dealer does not qualify, you only will win on your original bet that you made.

If you bet and the dealer qualifies with a better hand then you, then you lose both bets. If the dealer qualifies for the hand and you have a better hand, then you have to go to the payout charts to see how much you have won.


You will automatically win 1 to 1 on your original bet no matter what. The second larger bet is the important one. Since this game is comprised of 7 cards instead of 5, the payouts are smaller then they are in Caribbean Stud.

Here are the payouts: Everything under a flush pays out 1 to 1. Flushes pay out 2 to 1. Full houses pay out 3 to 1. Four of a Kind will pay out 10 to 1, Straight Flush is 20 to 1 and Royal Flush is 100 to 1 payout on the second bet.

You only win these bets when the dealer qualifies. So how often does the dealer qualify? In any Caribbean Stud type of game where the dealer must qualify in order to beat you, the casinos usually set the bar for qualifying at about 70% of the time for both you and the dealer. This is to discourage people from playing loosely and hoping the dealer doesn't qualify.

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